My Best Friend Fiona

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The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden has a sassy, happy baby hippo now. But it wasn’t always that way. Little Fiona was born six weeks too early, and there were times that all the people who love her weren’t sure she could survive. But with round-the-clock care at the zoo and  help from others in the community, little Fiona not only survived — she thrived. Narrated by Fiona’s best friend, Trixie the Tilapia, this book tells the story of the little hippo who never gave up and how she became the superstar she is today.

Written by Lucy May and illustrated by Kevin Necessary.

Author’s note: This book contains the word “poop.” If you are offended by that word, or by mildly disgusting references to how animals interact with poop, this book might not be for you. - Lucy

Limited-edition hardcover book, 32 pages. Sponsored by Skyline Chili. Available while supplies last. WCPO will donate 20 percent of proceeds to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. Pre-order copies of the book My Best Friend Fiona are not eligible for returns and/or refunds.   ISBN: 978-0-578-19708-1